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 Welcome to the Golden Palace!

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Golden Palace!   Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:24 pm

"Please, come in. Everyone is welcome! My lady, Aurelia, will be here to greet you any second and explain to you how this section of the forum works. Right now, it is my job to explain to you the rules before Lady Aurelia makes herself known. Please follow them or she will ban you from ever coming in again! I love familiar faces."

The maid bows deeply to you and then hands you a piece of paper. As you take it, you notice that they are the rules that the maid was talking about. The maid begins reading them out loud as you follow along.

"Number one, Lady Aurelia requests you please do not describe in any way any sexual content. It is forbidden and you will get two warnings before you are kicked out."

The maid stops for a moment, leading you to the lounge of the castle and gesturing for you to take a seat. You obey and quietly sit down as another maid comes in and pours tea. You take a sip and enjoy the taste before the maid says more.

"Number two, Lady Aurelia does not allow you to control other people. Doing so will result in a warning before you are banned from the thread you were controlling in. You may only control if you ask first."

"Number three, there will be no stealing of other people's ideas. Doing so will get you one warning before you are kicked out of here."

The maid sighs and looks nostalgically at the tank of fish in the corner of the room. You wonder why she's looking at them and how did you not notice the fish before. But you shrug it off as the maid continues.

"And finally, number four, you may not make a new role-play on anything sparkly-vampire related. You will not even get a warning before you are kicked out of here."

You quietly snigger at the phrase but the maid shoots you a sharp look. You quiet down and listen to what else she has to say.

"If you want to make a new role-play, please consult one of the moderators in charge of the Golden Palace or Lady Aurelia herself. Send her a message telling her your plot, characters, rules, and the rating. The highest rating is M-18. If you do not consult them and make your own thread, then that thread will be locked by Lady Aurelia until she approves of your role-play."
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Welcome to the Golden Palace!
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